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Risen 912iS

Risen 915iSV

Risen 912iS

Risen 915iSV

Unrivalled Speed

The Risen models set global ultralight speed records.

Supreme Comfort

Experience unmatched comfort during your flights.

Luxurious Leather Seating

Relish the luxury of our two leather-crafted seats.

Advanced Onboard Tech

Bask in state-of-the-art technology for superior control.

Expansive Panoramic View

Enjoy an awe-inspiring panoramic view during flight.

Touchscreen Display System

Interact with intuitive touch-screen monitors for navigation.

2 Seats inside the Risen Image

Experience Side-by-Side Luxury Seating

Board our side-by-side 2-seat ultralight airplane, Risen, boasting a spacious cabin (123 cm) for exceptional pilot and passenger comfort. Revel in the panoramic view through the 3 m2 motorized canopy, while enjoying the exquisite leather interior complete with Bose noise-cancelling headsets.

Inside of Risen Aircraft cockpit photo


The selection of avionics for Risen reflects our philosophy: uncompromising excellence.

The glass cockpit by Dynon presents a blend of two 10” touch screens and one central 7” display. Complementing the setup, a 2-axis autopilot and a computer for flap control come as standard.

Risen Engine showcase image

Engineered for Power

Porto Aviation Group's Risen features an engine that balances raw power with smooth operation, ensuring high performance without sacrificing reliability.

Risen Open Cockpit glass showcase Image

Motorized Canopy for Unrestricted Views

Soar the skies in the Risen and savor the expansive views from our 3 m2 motorized canopy. A seamless experience, blending thrill and tranquility.

Risen Landing Gear Image

Masterfully Crafted Landing Gear

Our landing gear design fuses aesthetics with functionality, delivering a reliable and visually appealing feature that underscores the engineering prowess of the Risen aircraft.