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Risen 912iS


The Risen 912iS, crafted by Porto Aviation Group, is an ultralight aircraft that redefines performance and luxury. Complemented by advanced onboard technology, the aircraft accommodates two passengers in a spacious, luxurious cabin offering panoramic views through a motorized canopy. The avionics suite includes touchscreen displays and an autopilot system for unparalleled control, providing an unmatched flying experience.

Technical Specs

Approx. Empty weight: from 325kg
Max. Take-Off weight: 600kg
Wing span: 9.00m
Wing area: 9.70m2
Length: 6.80m
Max cabin width: 1.23m
Fuel tanks capacity (2 x): 50l
Max. Climb rate urban: 8.0m/s
Stall speed with flaps IAS 70km/h
Engine max power (Rotax engine) 100hp
Best climb speed IAS 160km/h
Long Range
Consumption at Long Range speed: 7.5l/h
Cruise speed at Long Range power @Sea Level TAS: 190km/h
Range at Long Range speed @Sea Level: 2340km
Long Range cruise speed @FL90 TAS: 220km/h
Range at Long Range speed @FL90: 2820km
75% Power
Consumption at 75% power @Sea Level: 17l/h
Cruise speed at 75% power @Sea Level TAS: 295km/h
Range at 75% power @Sea Level: 1520km
Consumption at 75% power @FL90: 14l/h
Cruise speed at 75% power @FL90 TAS: 300km/h
Range at 75% power @FL90: 1910km
Max Power
Consumption at max. horizontal speed @Sea Level: 25l/h
Max. Horizontal speed @Sea Level TAS: 325km/h
Range at max. horizontal speed @Sea Level: 1120km
Consumption at max. horizontal speed@FL90: 20l/h
Max. Horizontal speed @FL90 TAS: 325km/h
Range at max. horizontal speed @FL90: 1460km
VNE IAS: 340km/h
Max. Rough air speed IAS: 284km/h
Max. Load factors (Gust load factors): +5.0/-3.0
Best glide ratio: 23 : 1

NOTE: Ranges are computed with a 30 min Reserve with long range power setting.